shoutout to the Class of 1961

Fun times at the DALI Lab.
for their generous research grant this term, which has helped a lot in covering equipment costs for this project. And hugs to my professor/boss/mother Lorie Loeb of course, who nominated me for the grant, as well as the CS department at Dartmouth for choosing me as the recipient. As some of my fellow coworkers/friends say, "who’dve thunk?!  #undergraduate #underdog #underwhelming."

But for real, all jokes aside, I had a lovely experience meeting the Class of 1961 over Homecoming weekend this year and their interest in and support for my project was quite moving. Thank you guys again for putting up with all of my bad/nerdy CS jokes and puns during my presentation, the most notable one being the title of my project, which I "cleverly" named Tracing Routes rather than the sensible Tracing Roots 1. because the domain name was already taken and 2. because I had just spent the summer tangoing with Ruby on Rails and developed a fondness for "routes.db," a magical file that directs the get/post url paths for your webpages...anyways I really need to stop making inside jokes that only I will ever understand. Especially during large presentations. Or not. You know what they say, if you can't make yourself laugh how can you expect others to??*

Photo with Denny & Ivar. Photo credit to Maynard Wheeler '61, thanks!

*Also totally not a saying or a thing.

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